Harvesting a Pineapple

      To harvest a pineapple from a plant, you should cut the fruit from the plant. You should wind up with something that looks like this.
      If you are using a pineapple from a grocery store, skip this and go directly to the next step.

      Next you should grab the fruit with your left hand and twist the top off with your right.

      And finally you should take off at least half the leaves. Without roots, the plant can't support a lot of vegetation.

      See below.

      Let it stand in an empty pot for at least a week to allow the growing point harden off.
      Give it some water every three days or so.

      Then you can put it in a pot of regular potting mix. You will have to support it for a month or so with something like bamboo skewers till it gets a chance to root.

      For a fine discussion on the growing of pineapples at home!, see http://www.rickswoodshopcreations.com/Pineapple/pineapple.htm Rick's Woodshop Creations.