Charles E. Dills (2)
Charles E. Dills (2)

The Botanic Garden has been having with the little field mice (and others) that have been chewing up their delicious goodies out on the "Growing Ground".

There are three stages to their operation, the greenhouse for seedlings and cuttings, the Shadehouse is the "teenage" growing ground and the Growing Ground is out in the open sun on the ground in pots with automatic watering.

I suggested a modular system of 6' x 6' squares of 2 x 4's with a 2 x 4 down the middle, covered with 1/2" hardware cloth. They would then be bolted together.
There would be a nine foot far end (two 4 1/2'x'6' modules) and a six foot near end with two doors.
One side would be 18' and the other 18' 3" (because of the slant).

In this picture, I'm building the six foot end that has the two doors.

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